Sores in your nose

A wound or scab in the nose can cause unpleasant complaints. A nosebleed, itching or pain. You can treat a wound in the nose with nasal ointment. Read more

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NasoFree Dos Medical Nasal Rinsing Salt
Dos Medical Nasal Rinsing Salt
Specially developed for rinsing or nebulizing the nose and paranasal sinuses. AV...
€7,85 €6,49
Dos Medical Dos Medical® Post-Nasal-Surgery kit
Dos Medical
Dos Medical® Post-Nasal-Surgery kit
Recommended by ENT surgeons.
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NasoFree NasoFree® nasal irrigator
NasoFree® nasal irrigator
The best nasal douche! Incl. 4 sachets of nasal rinse salt. Developed with ENT d...
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NasoFree Nasal shower starter set with nasal rinse salt
Nasal shower starter set with nasal rinse salt
The NasoFree Nasal Shower Starter Set with nasal rinse salt is ideal for cleanin...
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NasuMel NasuMel nasal ointment with medical-grade honey
NasuMel nasal ointment with medical-grade honey
NasuMel® (15 gr.) is a nasal ointment based on pure honey. The ointment helps, a...
€17,75 €14,67
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Sores in your nose

Nose wounds and scabs in your nose can be annoying and painful. Some wounds are difficult to heal, some can be painful for some people for months.

On this page you have come to the right place to find out more about how you can prevent or treat these wounds.

What exactly are nose wounds and how do they arise?

A nose wound is an open patch of skin on the inside of your nose. This could be the inside of your nostril, for example. Nose wounds can occur due to various causes: We list a number of them:

  • An accident where you hit your nose
  • An allergic reaction
  • Excessive blowing of the nose due to a cold
  • Extreme weather conditions, such as dry air
  • Picking your nose
  • The use of stimulants

The resulting wounds can vary from small scratches to deeper cuts and they can be accompanied by complaints such as bleeding, pain, swelling, crusting and irritation.

What can you do about wounds in your nose?

Take nose wounds seriously. Therefore, make sure you thoroughly investigate the possible cause and take the right measures to prevent infections or other complications. This prevents sores from developing in the nose.

It is important to take good care of the wounds in your nose. This means they recover better, the chance of infection is smaller and you experience fewer complaints.

At ENT shop we offer NasuMel nasal ointment . This nasal ointment has been developed on the basis of pure honey and helps against wounds and scabs in the nose. The honey in NasuMel provides antibacterial protection, soothes the skin and supports effective recovery.

If you have nasal sores that don't seem to heal, are bleeding heavily, or are accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, it's important to seek medical attention

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