Nasal complaints

Cold, runny nose, sniffling, sniffling or sneezing. Everyone suffers from nasal complaints sometimes. ENT shop sells various products that help with nasal complaints.

Nasal complaints

Nasal complaints refer to all kinds of discomforts that occur in and around the nose. Examples of complaints include a feeling of pressure in the nose, reduced sense of smell, difficulty breathing, or a burning sensation in the nose.

These complaints can be caused by various factors. For example, an allergy, an infection, irritation due to smoke, anatomical abnormalities or other medical conditions.

Some complaints are strongly tied to specific seasons, such as the complaints associated with an allergy such as hay fever, while other discomforts can occur all year round or even chronically, such as a sinus infection.

At ENT shop we have made a division into different types of nasal complaints, but also a number of nasal disorders. We have products in our range that can provide a solution for every complaint or condition. This concerns the following complaints or conditions.

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