hoarse voice

When you are hoarse, the vocal cords do not vibrate properly. This makes your voice sound hoarse, crackly or not clear. You can reduce the duration of a hoarse voice by properly caring for and moisturizing the vocal cords. Read more

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hoarse voice

What is hoarseness?

Hoarseness is a condition in which the voice does not sound clear due to problems with the vibration of the vocal cords.
Normally, when air passes over the vocal cords, it causes vibrations that produce sound, making your voice sound normal. But if the vocal cords do not vibrate properly due to irritation, inflammation, tension, or other health problems, the voice becomes hoarse. They also call this a hoarse voice.
This condition can range from mild hoarseness to complete loss of voice. Factors such as infections, overuse of the voice, smoking, allergies, and other medical conditions can cause hoarseness. It's important to take hoarseness seriously because it can be a symptom of underlying health conditions that require treatment.

Characteristics of a hoarse voice:

  • Your voice is hoarse, scratchy or not clear
  • You talk less loudly
  • Fatigue
  • Sometimes your voice is completely gone, then there is no sound when you talk

What are the causes of a hoarse voice?

  • Hoarseness or a hoarse voice are often caused by upper respiratory infections, such as a throat infection or a cold.
  • Another known cause is excessive or incorrect use of the voice. For example, have you been screaming or whispering a lot? Then your voice may become weaker.
  • In addition, people sometimes lose their voice by coughing or coughing too much.
  • Cigarette smoke, stress and tension also sometimes cause hoarseness.

What to do with a hoarse voice?

The most important tip we can give you to solve your hoarse voice is to give the voice a rest. So talk, whisper or shout as little as possible. If you do talk, do so quietly, at a normal volume.
In addition, make sure that your vocal cords recover properly. For example, use a throat spray . It moistens the vocal cords and soothes the throat. You can also use a nebulizer for this.
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