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Medical questions / products

Nasal showers and nebulisers

- My rechargeable Portable KNO nasal nebuliser™ does not nebulise anymore.
This can have 2 causes: either it is due to the medicine jet or it is due to the battery.
If the nebuliser does make a noise (after charging) and continues to do so for several minutes, it is very likely that the medicine jet is damaged or worn out. With daily use, a medicine jet (provided the correct maintenance rules are followed) lasts on average six months. The medicine jet can be reordered separately.
If the ENT nasal nebuliser stops working because the battery has stopped working, there is more to it. With normal, careful use, the battery should last at least a year. Depending on usage and the date of purchase, we can see if the nebuliser can be repaired (battery replacement). In this situation, please contact customer service tel: 085 773 20 80 or email [email protected]

- My NasoFree nasal spray leaks when I squeeze it. How can I prevent this?
The tip to prevent the NasoFree nasal shower from leaking is to tighten the nasal shower just a touch.

- How do I clean/disinfect the Nasofree® nasal shower and can it go in the dishwasher?

Cleaning after each use:
You clean the parts by rinsing them under running warm water after each use. You can use a drop of washing-up liquid. After cleaning, let the nasal shower air dry. Do not twist the nose tip on the nasal douche during drying.

You can also disinfect the parts by putting them in a solution of 60% water and 40% white (wine) vinegar for a few minutes, then rinse with clean water.

Nasal rinsing salt

- Can I also rinse my nose with water without salt?
It is strongly advised against rinsing your nose (cavities) with plain water. Our body consists of a salt concentration of about 0.9% NaCl. For this reason, it is also advised to stick to this same concentration. Using a lower concentration or no salt at all will be painful and lead to irritation. A much higher concentration can also be experienced as unpleasant and painful. At you can order measured sachets of nasal rinsing salt so that you always have the right concentration.

- What is the difference between normal table salt and nasal rinse salt?
People who rinse their nose with a saline solution (such as table salt) often experience a sensitive, irritated, damaged or inflamed nasal mucosa. Rinsing with sodium chloride alone (especially when iodine is added) can further irritate the nasal mucosa.
To neutralise this effect, ENT doctors prefer to rinse the nose with a combination of sodium chloride (NaCl) and sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3). This combination is in Dos Medical's nasal rinse salt. As a result, nasal rinse salts containing sodium bicarbonate are perceived as softer and more comfortable for the nose than when NaCl alone is used. In addition, the reaction of sodium bicarbonate in contact with water leads to an additional cleansing, antiseptic effect. It improves the dissolution of tough, stuck mucus and neutralises inflammatory metabolic products.

- What is the difference between nasal rinse salt and nasal rinse salt xylitol?
Nasal rinsing salt is recommended in cases of colds, allergies, after nasal (sinus) surgery (post-operative) and acute nasal sinusitis. Nasal rinsing salts with xylitol are advised in chronic nasal sinusitis and acute nasal sinusitis when bacteria play a role.

- Difference between Dos Medical nasal rinse salt and Nasopure® rinse salt?
Both products have the same composition namely sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate. The shape of the bags is different and the Nasopure® bag has more content. In the Netherlands, an isotonic salt solution (= the same salt concentration as in your body fluids) is assumed. You achieve this by dissolving the contents of the Dos Medical nasal rinsing salt sachet in 250ml of water. Nasopure nasal rinse salt has a content of 3.75g and, when dissolved in 250ml, leads to a hypertonic saline solution ( = a higher salt concentration than in your body fluids).

- How long can I store the prepared rinsing salt?
DOS Medical's rinsing salt contains just enough for one rinse with the NasoFree nasal douche. The prepared saline solution is then in prencipe not stored. For this reason, there is no information on how long you can store the rinsing solution hygienically. We therefore recommend that you do not store the solution.

Honey ointment

- There is a lot of air in my tube which makes it look like it is only half-filled.
Each tube (NasuMel®, DerMel®, AnaMel®, RhinoBlock®) contains a certain amount of air. This is necessary for the sterilisation process of the ointment. Sometimes there may be proportionally too much air in the tube. However, the tube should contain the number of grams indicated on the tube. This may vary slightly. If in doubt, you can weigh the tube on a digital scale.

- Is NasuMel® or RhinoBlock® also suitable for my baby (risk of botulism)?
These honey ointments are also suitable for babies from birth. Dos Medical honey ointments are sterilised. This process (gamma irradiation) ensures that possible residues of the Clostridium botulinum bacteria are killed. This pure honey is therefore free from this bacterium and therefore free from the risk of botulism. Edible honey is not sterilised and of this it is advised not to give it to infants and babies under 1 year of age.

- I have a peanut allergy. Can I then use your NasuMel® ointment?
Peanut oil is used in these honey ointments. As peanut oil is applied for medical use, it no longer contains protein fractions of peanut and is therefore non-allergenic. You can therefore use the ointment as normal.

RhinoBlock® also contains pure honey, but the ointment is petroleum jelly. It does not contain peanut oil.


- Do you also have something for tinnitus?
KNO-shop does not currently have any products that could positively influence tinnitus. Please refer to the official website of KNO-Heelkunde in the Netherlands:

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