Inflammation of the tonsils

The tonsils must stop viruses and bacteria. But sometimes bacteria and viruses accumulate here. Then the tonsils become inflamed. Take good care of your throat and reduce complaints with a throat spray based on pure honey. Read more

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Inflammation of the tonsils

What are inflamed tonsils?

The tonsils are located at the back of the throat and have approximately the same function as lymph nodes: they must stop bacteria and viruses. But because the tonsils are somewhat irregular (not completely flat), bacteria and viruses can also accumulate in them. If there are too many pathogens, the tonsils become inflamed. This can happen, for example, when you have a cold or when the flu virus strikes.

If the tonsils become inflamed more often, we speak of chronically inflamed tonsils. Someone then regularly has a mild sore throat and often suffers from fatigue. Reduced appetite and bad breath are also symptoms of chronic tonsillitis.

What do I notice about inflamed tonsils?

These are symptoms of tonsillitis:

  • Fever (ranging from a few days to sometimes longer than a week)
  • Severe sore throat
  • Mucus in the throat
  • Hoarseness
  • Cough
  • Swollen (swollen) tonsils
  • Swollen lymph nodes in the neck
  • An overall sick feeling

What helps against inflamed tonsils?

In many cases, inflammation of the tonsils resolves on its own. That is why the doctor often does not consider treatment necessary. There are some actions you can take yourself to alleviate complaints. For example:

  • Use a throat spray with pure honey . Mellosan can be used to soothe the throat and reduce a tickle in the throat.
  • Take paracetamol to relieve the pain.
  • Do not strain the voice too much and rest.
  • Take water ice and ice water.

Contact your doctor if the tonsils are regularly inflamed and cause many complaints. Then it may be smart to have the tonsils removed.

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