Remove tonsils

If the tonsils are regularly inflamed or cause serious complaints, they are sometimes removed. After this you may suffer from throat complaints. In this case, you can soothe your throat with a throat spray containing pure honey. Read more

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Remove tonsils

An operation to remove the tonsils is mainly performed in children. But even in adults who have chronically inflamed tonsils, the solution may be to remove them. This is also called 'cutting' the tonsils. The medical term for this is 'tonsillectomy'.

What happens when cutting tonsils?

The ENT doctor will put you (or your child) under anesthesia. In children, the tonsils are loosened in one go. In adults this happens gradually, because they are much more stuck.

Aftercare after removal of the tonsils

After the operation, the throat will still hurt for a few days and swallowing may be difficult. Ice water and popsicles can help relieve pain and reduce swelling. Paracetamol can also help as pain relief.

You can soothe your throat with a throat spray . This moistens the throat so that it does not dry out and can recover better.


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