Ear wax

Every person has earwax. But too much earwax can cause complaints. With these products you can relieve the complaints or remove earwax. Read more

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EarScratcher Ear scraper (cerumen pen)
Ear scraper (cerumen pen)
Safely remove earwax without damaging the eardrum.
€6,85 €5,66
Dos Medical Ear wax removal syringe
Dos Medical
Ear wax removal syringe
You can use the Earwax Removal Syringe from Dos Medical to remove excess earwax ...
€12,50 €10,33
OtoMel Ear drops
Ear drops
OtoMel ear drops based on pure honey soften and care for the external ear canal....
€23,02 €19,02
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Ear wax

What is earwax?

There are earwax glands in the ear canal that produce a brown substance. This brown substance mixes with other loose particles in the ear, such as skin flakes and hairs. This is how earwax is formed.

We have earwax for a reason. It has a number of functions. It repels water, protects the skin in the ear from drying out, protects it against bacteria and intercepts dirt.

The complaints of too much earwax

If you have too much earwax in your ear, this can cause complaints. You may experience constipation or irritation. Chances are that you would like to do something about it, but don't just put a cotton swab or other object in your ear. You can then cause damage. Below we tell you what you can do.

What to do about earwax?

Do you notice that the earwax in your ear causes complaints? Fortunately, you can also do a lot yourself to reduce the complaints or remove the earwax. Is your ear very clogged or are the complaints severe? Please contact your doctor.

You can easily remove excess earwax with an earwax removal syringe . The syringe has a special tip so that the water is not sprayed against the eardrum and reaches the walls of the ear canal well.

The EarScratcher is an earwax pen that allows you to scoop the earwax out of your ear. There is a thickening on the pin so that you cannot go too deep into the ear.

Has earwax caused complaints, such as itching or irritation? Then you can use ear drops with pure honey to combat the complaints.

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